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About me

I have had many years of professional experience in office management, sales and customer service.

I am passionate about helping others through communication and being well-rounded with what companies need. I have spent much of my time learning how to stay organized and driven. Developing traits like these have helped me build a small business in the online world.

** Step back from the tedious admin tasks at hand and start focusing more on the bigger picture for your business.**

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Catherine Garcia

Founder of:



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General Admin Management

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--> Managing payments and invoices

--> Processing refunds and orders

--> Making collection calls

--> Handling payroll

--> Billing and invoices

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General Admin Management

--> Customer Service through email / message / phone

--> Organizing & Monitoring emails

--> Managing blog & social media comments

--> Calendar maintenance

--> Data Entry

--> Appointment setting

--> Ordering

--> Sending "Thank you's"

--> Arranging interviews

--> Onboarding & Offboarding

--> Follow ups

--> Making travel arrangments

--> Form preparation

--> Personal shopping

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Catherine is commited!

The time I spent doing all these tedious tasks have drained my time. After reaching out to Catherine I have finally been able to have free-time.


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Love working with her!

Catherine provides amazing customer service! She is experienced and highly motivated, excelling at multitasking

abilities. Very friendly and positive impressions!



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One word to describe Ms. Catherine would be well-balanced.

Catherine has been very great with being able to balance the tasks that I have given her. Whenever she has a problem or a question she reaches out in a timely manner.


How can you get in touch with me?

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Please feel free to reach out through email:

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Set up an appointment?

View my schedule on: calendly

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Want to see more?

Instagram: virtual__feather

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